Welcome to my life. I'm going to conquer the world.

Day one of no roommate.  I have turned the futon into a nest consisting of four blankets and five pillows.  Also a foam finger for entertainment.  

I will soon have to make the treacherous walk down the corridor to the communal bathroom where I might encounter other human life.  I have postponed this drudgery as much as I can, but I fear for my bladder’s weakness. 

I write this by the dim light of my rope lights in fear of the overhead light encouraging socialization from the outside.  It is a harsh world, but I have 4 granola bars and approximately 20 Starbursts if worse comes to worse.

Until day two,


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  1. laughinglindsay said: I read this out loud to my friend Ashley during a study break…then we re-watched your vlog. We’re eagerly anticipating day two.
  2. luckstoblame said: my roommate and I died laughing.
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